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Suicide Prevention Week-September 9-15, 2018

Suicide Prevention Week-September 9-15, 2018

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National Suicide Prevention Week is September 9-15, 2018.  

Please see the attached flyer for events hosted by the Counseling Center and Psychology Club

#BEAWARE and Know the Warning Signs

Some warning signs may help you determine if a loved one is at risk for suicide, especially if the behavior is new, has increased, or seems related to a painful event, loss, or change. If you or someone you know exhibits any of these, seek help immediately!!

· Talking about wanting to die or to kill themselves

· Looking for a way to kill themselves, like searching online or buying a gun

· Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live

· Talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain

· Talking about being a burden to others

· Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs

· Acting anxious or agitated; behaving recklessly

· Sleeping too little or too much

· Withdrawing or isolating themselves

· Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge

· Extreme mood swings