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Course Delivery Modes For Spring 2021

Course Delivery Modes For Spring 2021

de Megan Crowley-Watson -
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Course Delivery Modes 

For Spring 2021 

Fully online: No face –to-face interactions. All content materials are delivered online via Moodle. 

Hybrid: Students will come to class physically once a week for classes that are 10 or less in size and attend remotely if their class is larger than 10. 

Traditional: Students will attend classes face-to-face; once remotely and the other session (s), physically. For classes that are 10 or less in size, students will be required to come to class physically every class session. 

Note: Attending physically does not apply to classes where the instructor has permission to teach solely remotely. Also, Students seeking accommodations for attendance must send an email to Dr. Campbell immediately to 

Office of Student Success, 

Research Initiatives, and Faculty Affairs 

Division of Academic Affairs 

Dr. Stephanie G. Campbell * * 904-470-8114