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Grant Opportunity by Maryland University of Integrative Health!

Grant Opportunity by Maryland University of Integrative Health!

by Jean Medastin -
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We are writing as a reminder to introduce you to our exciting new graduate grant opportunity for your alumni and members of your organization, network, or community who are interested in integrative health. The Building Futures through Equity Grant Program i s awarded to students who meet the eligibility requirements and who want to become leaders in integrative health to represent and make a difference in their communities. This scholarship program will benefit students financially and those awarded will not be charged any tuition or fees for the duration of their program once they meet the requirements.

Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) is an accredited graduate university offering a wide range of integrative health and wellness disciplines. Our portfolio includes 24 graduate level certificates, master's, and doctoral programs in nine different health and wellness disciplines.  

We will be hosting a virtual open house event, via Zoom on June 22, 2022, at either 7 PM or 8 PM for a one-hour interactive session where you will be able to learn more about MUIH and the academic offerings. Each hour will begin with a 10-minute Admissions talk and you will be able to have your questions answered.

To help us spread the word about this opportunity, please pass this invitation along to others who work with graduates or near-graduates.   

Thank you, 
MUIH Admissions