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IBM - EWU Security Learning Academy - Zero Trust Principles

IBM - EWU Security Learning Academy - Zero Trust Principles

by Jean Medastin -
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EWU and IBM joined hands to provide students with the foundational skills that they need today in cyber security – Zero Trust. An understanding of this concept will help protect EWU’s infrastructure, as well as students’ personal devices. Moreover, cyber security is the technology that fortifies our data on the blockchain, cloud, Internet, etc.   

Edward Waters University has s Security Learning Academy portal on the IBM platform to help you complete the Zero Trust Principles badge. See attached the PDF file that can assist you with getting started: 

Pages 1 - 4 will get you started with the course for the Zero Trust Principles Badge. 

Slides 5 – 6 will get you started with the QRoc courses, which teach you how to use the enterprise software, IBM QRadar. 

Pages 7 – 10 explain the monthly Expert Lecture Series, how to register for them, and how to watch the replays. 

Pages 11 - 12 explain how you may give your faculty access to track your progress through a course. 

Page 13 explains what the faculty must do to view student course progress, if they would like to issue some extra credit for completion, etc.