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Stay Woke

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Greetings, Tiger Family!

 Exposure to nationally-recognized creators, scholars, activists, and entrepreneurs is a core part of an impactful for college experience. Inviting high-achieving individuals to speak to our campus and community as a part of the "Stay Woke: President's Distinguished Speaker Series" is a part of President A. Zachary Faison's vision for providing a steady flow of knowledge and inspiration to the Edward Waters University campus.

 As we plan for the next iteration of the Stay Woke Series, we'd like to receive recommendations on who you would like to see on the campus of Edward Waters University. Use the form at the link below to vote on your choices and to recommend others from whom you'd like to hear. These recommendations will be considered by the selection committee as they determine the lineup for the 2022-23 lecture series.

 Please register your choices here by Friday, May 6, 2022, at 5:00 pm.

Best regards,


Tameka Bradley Hobbs, Ph.D.

Executive Director, A. Philip Randolph Institute for Law, Race, Social Justice, and Economic Policy

Edward Waters University

1658 Kings Road

Jacksonville, Florida 32209

(904) 470-8154 - Office